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WGLC ended for: draft-ietf-sieve-notify-07.txt

2007-03-05 05:21:35

Alexey Melnikov wrote:

Barry and I recently submitted -07. We believe this version addresses all issues brought up during WGLC.

I would like to issue an additional 1 week WGLC on this version of the document.

In particular, I would like to bring people's attention to the following 3 changes:

1). New notify_method_capability test.

2). One major editorial change is the removal of extract_text test, as per WG discussion. The replacement test or action is more likely to move to the MIME loops document, but this decision is not final.

3). Regarding describing interaction of the notify action parameters with URI parameters in the method parameter: Looking through comments received during WGLC, I found no single agreeable solution. Pretty much everybody wanted different behavior. So sieve-notify was updated to list available choices, but not prescribe any specific behavior, which is left up to specifications describing notification methods. Once the new Sieve notify is deployed and we get some implementation experience with different notification methods, some consensus might emerge. At which point sieve-notify-bis can prescribe a specific behavior.

Nobody has commented on the updated -07, so I (as an editor) assume that it is good to be submitted to IESG. As such I will recommend Cyrus to send it to IESG shortly.

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