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Re: Request for agenda items for the Sieve WG meeting in Prague

2007-03-02 09:14:23

Alexey Melnikov wrote:

Please send your requests directly to me or just reply to this message.

Also, I would like to ask people to let me know who is planning to come to the Sieve WG meeting in Prague. (Ignore this, if you've already told me).

As nobody has sent me any proposals, here is my suggestion:

Document status review (5 min)
Sieve Notify WGLC issues (15 min)
Sieve Notify Mailto issues  (30 min)
Sieve MIME Loops (30 min)
Other documents:
- Mailbox metadata access (20 min)
- Externally stored lists* (10 min)
- Environment, date-time, ... (10 min)

* - I have not submitted this one yet, but I can describe the proposal I
was discussing with Alexandros Vellis.

If there is any spare time left at the end of the meeting we can also talk about draft-gulbrandsen-collation-basic-XX.txt. Even though it is not a WG document, the Sieve WG is probably the best place to discuss it.

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