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environment / Re: Revised drafts posted

2007-03-03 15:43:56


I have a small question for the environment test: wouldn't it be simpler to immitate the behaviour with variables:

If the users want to check for envirnoment property, they include a well-known file (e.g. system), which imports the relevant information, which is the same the current environment, and then the sieve-scripts use it as they want.

The advantage of this simpler approach would be, that the implementations need not be changed, script-generating utilities neither, and the sieve language is in fact not extended, but is more powerful.


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 Subject: Revised drafts posted
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I have revised the vacation, date, environment, and ihave drafts. They
are available here:{txt,html,xml}{txt,html,xml}{txt,html,xml}{txt,html,xml}

IMO the sieve date draft is ready for last call.

I split environment and ihave into separate documents so they can proceed with
different statuses should the need arise. I also added a new notify extension
to the environment document - it does the obvious with SMTP NOTIFY

Vacation is a done deal but I wanted to update the references and the IANA
registration template.

I submitted the revisions of date and vacation to the drafts repository.
Splitting environment and ihave reset them to -00 so they cannot be submitted
right now. I will do so once the gate for new drafts reopens.


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