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Re: environment / Re: Revised drafts posted

2007-03-19 08:00:17

Kinda late reply here, sorry...

   I have a small question for the environment test: wouldn't it be
simpler to immitate the behaviour with variables:

I think doing this with variables and includes is actually quite a bit more
complex and almost certainlyt less portable.

Even further than that, the suggestion assumes that the environment is static. The default environment items are, but future extension items might not be. In particular, I'm adding four environment items in draft-ietf-lemonade-imap-sieve-02: the type of event that triggered the script, the mailbox that the message is in or will be stored in, and so on. That's not static info that can be "included".


Barry Leiba, STSM, Internet Messaging Technology  

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