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about draft-freed-sieve-date-index-04

2007-03-07 06:02:43

Some notes on date-index:

*1. Introduction:
*   Some header fields containing date/time information, e.g.  Received:,
*   naturally occur more than one in a single header.
For me it sounds better "occur more than once"

* 4. Date test:
*   Implementations MAY support extraction of date-time information
*   that appears in other positions in the header field content.

What shall a sieve interpreter do, if a header contains at two places
a date - in the middle, and at the end?

I would suggest, that implementations interpret always the last
mentioned date in the header, or include means to access the not-last
mentioned date.

4.2. Date-part argument,

*     "minute"    => the current hour, "00" .. "59".
shall be
      "minute"    => the current minute, "00" .. "59".


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