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editheader (and redirect)

2007-03-07 16:55:32


Concerning the discussion with redirect I am in favour of Ned's 2nd suggestion:

(2) Silently ignore any deletions made to Recieved: fields when redirect is used.

And пдие about editheader:

   3. Action addheader:

   The addheader action adds a header field to the existing message
   header.  If the field-name is not a valid 7-bit US-ASCII header
   field name as described by the [IMAIL] "field-name" nonterminal
   syntax element, the implementation MUST flag an error.  The
   addheader action does not affect Sieve's implicit keep.

I am against this 7bit ASCII restriction. Once draft-ietf-eai-utf8headers gets a rfc number, it will be normal to add UTF8 headers, apart the ASCII 7 bits one. And because we don't want then to release a new editheader, I suggest to allow UTF8 headers without generating an error (or leave it up to the implementation).

The same story with:
   4. Delete header

   If the field-name is not a valid 7-bit header field name ...
   If an script uses the deleteheader action ...
   -> If a script uses the deleteheader action ...

   5 Interaction with Other Sieve Extensions

shouldn|t it be canceLLed instead of canceLed? I am not an expert, but consider canceLLed is better.

  Със здраве,

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