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Re: SIEVE mime loops

2007-03-25 08:04:21

Kjetil Torgrim Homme wrote:


  require ["mime", "for_every_part", "fileinto"];

      if header :mime :param "filename" :comparator
         "Content-Disposition" "important"
          fileinto "INBOX.important";
the comparator is missing in the above example.
Yes. I think :comparator should be deleted to use the default one.

7.  SIEVE Capability Strings
perhaps you could add the list of capability strings to the
introduction?  I also think it would be useful if each section
describing an extension named the capability string needed to enable it.
I agree.

Some additional comments:

IANA registration for different Sieve extensions is missing.

One example uses "application/exe". I can't check IANA registry at the moment, but I think this is invalid.


P.S. Apart from the issues mentioned above and open issues in the document, I think the document is ready for WGLC.

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