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Re: SIEVE mime loops

2007-03-25 08:04:16

Tony Hansen wrote:

Two issues in section 6 are controversial and are denoted with "NB:".

6.  Action Enclose

  Usage:  enclose <:subject string> <:headers string-list> string

  A new SIEVE action command is defined to allow an entire message to
  be enclosed as an attachment to a new message.  NB: The following
  statement may be controversial:

It is.

This enclose action takes precedence
  over all other message modifications, such as "replace".
First of all, I am not sure what "take precedence" means. If one replaces a part and then enclose the whole message, wouldn't you want to enclose the modified message? Or are you trying to say that this would be too difficult to implement and thus is not worth it?

  The Subject: header is specified by the :subject argument.  Any
  headers specified by :headers are copied from the old message into
  the new message.  NB: The following statement may be controversial:
  If not specified by :headers, Date: and From: headers should be
  synthesized to reflect the current date and the user running the
  SIEVE action.
(speaking as an individual contributor)
As I mentioned during the Sieve WG meeting in Prague, I think the synthesized message should use the current date. This would allow people to trace Sieve anomalies, as the date of the original message would be still inside the enclose container.
I am not so sure about the From, but the proposal seems reasonable.

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