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Re: Implementing encoded-character

2007-04-04 02:01:57

On Wed, 2007-04-04 at 10:11 +0200, Michael Haardt wrote:
Exim will implement encoded-character RSN,


but I wonder if I understood things correctly:

"$${hex:40}" -> "$@"


A dollar does not have to be quoted, does it?

right, only for very unlikely sequences.

"${hex:40" -> "${hex:40"
"${hex: 40 }" -> "${hex: 40 }"

yes.  whitespace is only allowed between hex-pairs.  btw, how do you
feel about allowing CRLF as well as SPC and TAB between hex-pairs?

"${hex:400}" -> "${hex:400}"

yes, hex-pair can't be three digits.

"${unicode:40}" -> "${unicode:40}"

no, this is "@".

"${unicode:1000000}" -> "${unicode:1000000}"


There is no word of the encoded-character grammar inside the string,
taking everything literal.

I don't understand this statement.

"${hex:40${hex:40}}" -> "${hex:40$}

no, "${hex:40(_at_)}"

It looks nested, but actually it's just some junk around a word of the

"${unicode:020000}" -> error

Unicode range violation.

no, U+20000 is inside the Unicode range.  ${unicode:0020000} fails due
to not matching unicode-hex (too many digits), ${unicode:200000} fails
due to being outside the Unicode range.

Kjetil T.