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Re: mark shared folder's mails as read

2007-06-19 05:35:32

The harder challenge seems to be the working on the shared folder and
leave the inbox untouched!

I don't see why that would be a problem, in general.

The real problem you have here is that Sieve won't do it as currently defined. That's because it's only invoked during mail *delivery*, not during an IMAP operation, such as APPEND or COPY. It seems like you need it during the IMAP operations.

Watch this spec: draft-ietf-lemonade-imap-sieve
Assuming I ever get the time to get it finished (it needs a script management piece, using mailbox metadata, which I'm behind on getting defined. Once it's ready, lobby the Cyrus folks to implement it, and then you can write a Sieve script to do what you want.

Barry Leiba

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