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Re: WGLC on draft-ietf-sieve-mime-loop

2007-08-06 09:07:33


> 7 Action extract_text

QUESTION: What do we do if the Content-Transfer-Encoding is anything other than 

If it is 8bit, we take the :first number characters (not bytes), taking into account the "charset=" parameter of the Content-Type header, when presented. If it is base64 or quoted-printable, we convert it to 8bit and proceed as if it was 8bit. The same for binary, even if the result will be probably useless. (The useless results can happen using base64, too, but the possibility is smaller)

:type, :subtype, :contenttype

What is the obvious advantage of having them, compared to header :contains ? I mean, isn't 'header :contains "Content-Type" "text/"' as powerful, as 'header :type "Context-Type" "text"'? If this was discussed already on this list, could you tell me the starting date?

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Alexey Melnikov wrote:


This message officially starts the Sieve Working Group Last Call for
the following document:
SIEVE Email Filtering: MIME part Tests, Iteration, Replacement and Enclosure

The Working Group Last Call for this document starts on August 6th and will end on August 20th.

Please send any comments to the Sieve mailing list or directly to me. Please CC Tony Hansen <tony(_at_)att(_dot_)com> and Cyrus Daboo <cyrus(_at_)daboo(_dot_)name> in the latter case. Reviews that found no issues are also welcomed, so if you review the document and find it acceptable, please let the mailing list/authors+me know as well.

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