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sieve-refuse-reject implementations?

2007-08-11 15:16:50

Does anyone have an implementation of sieve-refuse-reject that can work
with Postfix, Courier-mta, or Exim?

I have been using courier-mta's localmailfilter 
( ) features to run
spamassassin at SMTP-time via maildrop, and I'd like to try to migrate
to something that uses SIEVE since I'd like to have someone other than
myself be able to use SMTP-time reject.

Troy Benjegerdes                'da hozer'                

Somone asked me why I work on this free (
software stuff and not get a real job. Charles Shultz had the best answer:

"Why do musicians compose symphonies and poets write poems? They do it
because life wouldn't have any meaning for them if they didn't. That's why
I draw cartoons. It's my life." -- Charles Shultz

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