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Re: Suggested changes to address Cullen's DISCUSS on draft-ietf-sieve-3028bis-12.txt

2007-08-30 12:33:42

Hi Cullen,

Cullen Jennings wrote:

So what can we do? Well, I guess one option would be to try and make
the discussion of this a little more explicit in the document. How about
adding something like this to the security considerations?

This is great - few bits inline below...

   Allowing a single script to redirect to multiple destinations  can be
   used as a means of amplifying the number of messages in an attack.
Moreover, if loop detection is not properly implemented it may be possible
   to set up expontentially growing message loops. Acording, Sieve

   (1) MUST implement facilities to detect and break message loops.  See
       RFC 2821 section 6.2 for additional information on basic loop
       detection strategies.

My discuss did not ask for this but it certainly seems like a good idea.

Actually it did:

Discuss [2007-05-10]:
The document says that one SHOULD do loop detection - I think it needs to point
at some advice that provided at least one way to implement loop detection at a
level of detail high enough that it is implementable.

and lack of the reference was a bug in the document.


(3) MUST provide facilities to log use of redirect in order to facilitate
       tracking down abuse.

I would ask if this mean that they MUST know what human the script was associated with.

I don't think so. Existing mail systems log an email address or an associated account name. This is sufficient to identify an account causing mail abuse. Even if the account provider has no information about the physical person associated with the account, it has the ability to disable the account to stop any abuse.