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Re: vacation implementation advice wrt. multiscript

2007-10-01 06:53:53

The vacation document says only one vacation invocation is permitted,
and any more is a run-time error. I'm wondering how to adapt that for a
multiscript situation, where different scripts might invoke vacation
responses without knowing of each other. Any ideas for how to handle

It really depends on the semantics of the multiple scripts. For example,
we have what we call "system" level sieves that apply to muliple users.
Such scripts have no business invoking vacation so we prohibit vacation
actions there and the issue doesn't arise.

We actually don't have that many legitimate cases where multiple "user" level
sieves end up applying to the same recipient at the same point in message
processing. When it does happen we use a "one vacation per script" rule rather
than a "one vacation per recipient" rule. So you can end up with multiple
responses associated with the same recipient. But aside from testing I'm having
a hard time thinking of an actual situation where this has happened as anything
other than a configuration error.

Finally, scripts that are built up from multiple subscripts count as a single
script in our implementation when it comes to the number of vacation actions


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