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Re: Final sanity check on draft-ietf-sieve-mime-loop-04.txt

2008-03-19 14:09:50



3.  Sieve Loops

5th(ish) paragraph contains:

   > If that
   > MIME part is a terminal MIME part (i.e. does not contain other MIME
   > parts) then the nested "for_every_loop" is simply ignored.

I believe this intends to say

   ... the nested "for_every_part" loop is imply ignored.


4.1.  Test "header"

9th paragraph:

   > When used inside the context of a "for_every_part" iterator, and with
   > an ":anychild" tagged argument, the "header" test will examine the
   > current MIME part context and all it's nested MIME body parts,
   > returning true if any of them satisfies the test.

"it's" should be "its" -- picky, picky.


9.2.  Example 2

In the example, the "enclose" action:

   >     enclose :subject "Warning" :text
   > WARNING! The enclosed message contains executable attachments.
   > These attachments types may contain a computer virus program
   > that can infect your computer and potentially damage your data.
   > Before clicking on these message attachments, you should verify
   > with the sender that this message was sent by them and not a
   > computer virus.
   > .

needs to end with a semicolon.


less nitty:

I was about to go into some stuff about how I thought it would be better
to lay a fundamental foundation of MIME awareness on which this
extension could be layered; about how :mime not only seems superflous
but conflicts with :mime syntax and meaning in other extensions; about
how I'd rather see a generalized parameter extraction for headers that
had a parameter-list syntax (as opposed to :type and so forth).  But
then I realized I said a bunch of that last summer, but apparently
without any sympathy :)  That's the way it goes, but just for reference,
I still am of many of these opinions (and perhaps others ...):

even though I see I fumble-fingered some bit(s) of it.


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