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new body draft (-09) submitted

2008-03-19 23:25:41

I just submitted draft-ietf-sieve-body-09.txt with a handful of minor tweaks. Could have done them as notes to the RFC editor, but as long as I'm feeling spritely, might as well just roll a new rev...

To quote the changelog in the draft:

11.1 Changes from draft-ietf-sieve-body-08.txt

   Add a "Capability Identifier" section to match existing RFCs.

   Make the normative and information references subsections of a
   "References" section to match existing RFCs.

   Tweak description field of the IANA registration.

   Change "wild card" to "wildcard".

A couple of those were in response to a review done by Christian Vogt back in January. I had misfiled his comments and only found them again after the -08 revision was posted. His major concern was that the 'no body' vs 'empty body' distinction should not be made; I disagree and pushed back on that, citing parallelism with the 'header' and 'address' tests and the observation that the distinction can only affect tests that actually match the empty body. While it's unlikely that a real user filter would care about this, a filter processing messages that were programmatically generated might. <shurg>

Philip Guenther

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