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Charter update

2008-03-31 09:37:14

Hi folks,
We have heard back from most people and at this point the Chairs are happy that there is enough interest for us to re-charter and take on the new proposed work.

Couple of points:

- Both draft-freed-sieve-date-index-08.txt and draft-freed-sieve-environment-03.txt are now progressing through IESG. Therefore we propose dropping those from the new charter.

- A suggestion was made to add a work item to address EAI/IDN issues. It was felt better for us to address this rather than have EAI take the work on, but we would like to here from others on what they think about this.

The new charter below reflects the changes discussed above. Next we will come up with some milestones and then hand off to the AD.

The SIEVE email filtering language is specified in RFC 5228, together with a number of extensions.

The SIEVE working group is being re-chartered to:

(1) Finish work on existing in-progress Working Group documents:

        (a) Body (draft-ietf-sieve-body-07.txt)
        (b) Notify mailto (draft-ietf-sieve-notify-mailto.txt)
        (c) Edit header (draft-ietf-sieve-editheader-10.txt)
        (d) Mime loops (draft-ietf-sieve-mime-loop-04.txt)
        (e) Refuse/reject (draft-ietf-sieve-refuse-reject-06.txt)

(2) Finalize and publish the following SIEVE extensions as proposed standards:

        (a) iHave (draft-freed-sieve-ihave-01.txt)
        (b) Notary (draft-freed-sieve-notary-01.txt)
        (c) SIEVE in XML (draft-freed-sieve-in-xml-01.txt)
        (d) Notify-sip (draft-melnikov-sieve-notify-sip-message-01.txt)
        (e) ManageSIEVE (draft-martin-managesieve-08.txt)
        (f) RegEx (draft-ietf-sieve-regex-00.txt)
        (g) Meta-data (draft-melnikov-sieve-imapext-metadata-03.txt)
        (h) Include/multi-script (draft-daboo-sieve-include-05.txt)
        (i) Address data (draft-melnikov-sieve-external-lists-01)

Additional drafts may be added to this list, but only via a charter
revision. There must also be demonstrable willingness in the SIEVE
development community to actually implement a given extension before
it can be added to this charter.

(3) Work on a specification to describe how EAI/IDN issues should be handled in SIEVE.

(4) Work on a "Benefits of SIEVE" guide for client and server vendors that:
        (a) Describes the SIEVE protocol and its suite of extensions.
        (b) Explains the benefits of server-side filtering in practical terms.
        (c) Shows how client-side filtering can be migrated to SIEVE.

(5) Produce one or more informational RFCs containing a set of test scripts and test email messages that are to be filtered by the scripts, and the expected results of that filtering. This will serve as the basis of a interoperability test suite to help determine the suitability of moving the base specification and selected extensions to Draft status.

Cyrus Daboo

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