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Standard to selectively disable rules in sieve script?

2008-03-26 15:03:24

I've been reading the RFCs and couldn't find an answer to the following

Is there a standard syntax/notation to disable a single rule/command within a
sieve script that contains more than one rule/command?

I couldn't find anything in the RFCs, but what I found is that everybody seems
to use comments to disable a rule. So far so good...

The bad thing seems to be that even though everybody agrees to use comments
nobody seems to agree on one way to do it - one way all implementations

My research indicates that interoperability among sieve script clients is lost
when it comes to disabling rules.

A script edited by avelsieve - this is pure fiction, I didn't test this, but
it serves to proove my point - (probably) won't work for KMail, because KMail
is unable to recognize rules that have been disabled by avelsieve and vice

If I am correct, then - in my eyes - this is a major drawback in making Sieve
useful and popular.

Am I missing something?



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