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Re: Standard to selectively disable rules in sieve script?

2008-03-27 13:01:47

Tony Hansen <tony(_at_)att(_dot_)com> wrote: 
There still needs to be something to translate that "disable=yes"
into, and I think the "if false {}" construct is as reasonable a
thing as any.


To the original poster:

It's a challenge to represent a script in a user interface. The
designer of the UI would have to think of many clever ways to represent
things like many conditions with complicated and/or logic in an
if-block, nested if-blocks, else blocks, intermediate actions etc..
That is, in order to make it usable to many people who are accustomed
to the filters interfaces of Outlook or Thunderbird.

While the "simplified" UIs that currently exist for Sieve work for some
people, it would be much more acceptable to have proper Sieve parsing
in as many applications as possible. Whether that happens because of
clients that use XML tools and servers that serve an XML representation
of Sieve, or because of clients that parse scripts by using Sieve
parsers[1], that's irrelevant -- for the users anyway.

Avel :)