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Re: editheader interaction with mailto notifications

2008-04-18 13:44:06

Ned Freed said the following:
Very good point. We have existing users that depend on cascading notifications,
so the way I had planned to implement this is to count auto-submitted fields
and compare against a settable threshhold. The default for the threshhold will
be 1 but operators will be able to set it higher if they choose.

There's a problem with that.  RFC 3834 says this, at the end of section 5.1:
   The maximum number of Auto-Submitted fields that may appear in a
   message header is 1.

We could update that here, but there's no reason to think that there isn't already code out there that strips extra Auto-Submitted headers, and there's every reason to think that setting the threshold > 1 would expose one to problems.

I think it's a Bad Idea to send notifications about Auto-Submitted messages. Redirect can do it, and redirect ought to be sticking Resent-* headers in. Those headers are already defined in a way that lets one count them.