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MIME loops: Extracting attachment to disk and replacing it with an URL

2008-04-18 07:18:04

One of our customers would like to extract big attachments from messages, put them on an FTP/web server and replace the original attachment part with some text and an URL about where the message can be found. (This is somewhat similar to what Eudora mail client can do.) The reason for this is to avoid sending big messages of an expensive satellite link, especially in case the recipient might not want to view some big attachments anyway.

It occurred to me that Sieve "replace" from draft-ietf-sieve-mime-loop-04.txt can almost do that. The only thing missing is constructing an URL, which will have an implementation/deployment specific format. One could user Sieve variables to construct text in the replace action, but only if the exact URL format is known in advance.

So, do people think that a variant of the replace action is reasonable? Should there be a new ":url" option?