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Re: [Fwd: Re: [secdir] secdir review of draft-ietf-sieve-notify-mailto-07.txt]

2008-04-13 13:17:21

Mark E. Mallett wrote:

I didn't [intend to] suggest getting rid of the envelope-to field from
the list of choices, but only to add an address associated with the
Sieve script to that list.  I think the owner's address is at least as
good a choice for a fixed address as a system-wide one.  It may be
more readable to express it as a list, e.g.:

If ":from" is not specified or is not valid, the envelope sender of the notification message SHOULD be selected from
  one of the following, at the discretion of the implementation:
    - the envelope "to" field from the triggering message, as used
      by Sieve;
    - the address of the owner of the Sieve script;
But "the envelope "to"..." is "an address of the owner".
If multiple email aliases go to the same mailbox, I think it would be better to use the envelope "to", so that a recipient of mailto notifications can distinguish between different aliases.

    - an email address associated with the notification system.

At any rate, I was attempting to add one thing to the list of choices,
not subtract from it.