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Re: [Fwd: Re: [secdir] secdir review of draft-ietf-sieve-notify-mailto-07.txt]

2008-04-06 13:00:16

On Wed, Apr 02, 2008 at 01:05:17PM +0100, Alexey Melnikov wrote:

Michael Haardt wrote:

   If ":from" is not specified or is not valid, the envelope 
sender      of the notification message SHOULD be set either to the 
   envelope "to" field from the triggering message, as used by 
   Sieve, or to a fixed email address (so it "comes from the      
notification system"), at the discretion of the implementation.

already list all possible alternatives, so I don't think it is a 
SHOULD either.

Those aren't all possible alternatives, so although I don't mind MUST 
I rather like keeping SHOULD. (One other alternative is a system 
address with a single-use subaddress.)

Ok, you and Barry have convinced me that this SHOULD is fine.
Also, how about deleting the word "fixed" above?

"Fixed" does indeed not hit the point, but do you have a better

The idea was to allow the system to used a fixed address, or a fixed
addressing scheme, no matter if the variable part is a RFC subadressing
detail or some other kind of subadressing, that can be recognised as such,
telling the mail "comes from the notification system".  The quoted part
tells exactly what was tried to express.  I would appreciate a better
wording, but can't think of any.

I think the following would be better:

or to an email address associated with the notification system

This avoids the argument about whether there is a single addresse, whether 
it must be completely static, etc.

Sorry to quote so much, but it's all relevant, I think.

Even though it adds another case, I would also consider the example
set by the vacation extension, which says:

     Unless explicitly overridden with a :from parameter, the From field
     SHOULD be set to the address of the owner of the Sieve script.

To me, this is preferable to defaulting to a system-wide notification
address, so I would want to add "the address of the owner of the sieve
script" into the mix as another possibility for a default.  I suppose
that the current wording could be interpreted to mean a fixed address
associated with the user, since it says only "a fixed email address" but
the parenthetical comment '(so it "comes from the notification system")'
almost certainly refines it to mean a fixed system-wide address.

(This might be seen as ironic, since as you may recall that I didn't
like that exact wording in 'vacation', but I did agree with the spirit.
And now the precedent is there so...)