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Re: draft-ietf-sieve-refuse-reject-07.txt

2008-06-20 03:26:36

Kjetil Torgrim Homme writes:
On Thu, 2008-06-19 at 12:43 -0700, Matthew Elvey wrote:
I believe all or at least nearly all multi-component implementations can and should work this way.

I'm not aware of any open source systems where this is possible, so please enlighten me.

I think it can be done with Postfix, but it's far from easy. Needs a bit of programming.

IMO the idea of demanding this kind of cooperation is overreach. It's not acceptable for a sieve extension to reach out beyond LMTP and make demands of the program that connects to the MDA via LMTP.

Please let's have this sieve extension published as an RFC. It's good. Exactly how good it is in practice is a QoS matter, not a sieve standards matter.


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