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Managesieve Reauthentification. Replication

2008-07-27 11:38:40


Are there any reasons to include "Reauthentication is not supported by ManageSieve protocol's profile of SASL. I.e. after a successfully completed AUTHENTICATE command, no more AUTHENTICATE commands may be issued in the same session." in draft-martin-managesieve-10/2.1 AUTHENTICATE Command ?

If for some reason a lot of sieve scripts are generated and need to be uploaded, then the uploading application has to make several connections to the managesieve server (using the same master authname that can edit all scripts and different usernames). E.g. when the scripts for a mailing list N2 are generated, the users owner-N2@, N2@, N2-unsubscribe-request@, N2-subscribe-request@, N2-request@ need to be uploaded in different connections to the managesieve server. This is less efficient than using the same managesieve connection and reauthenticating from time to time. Now imagine that one wants to regenrate the scripts for all lists on her server ... a lot of connections need to be established. (A mailing list needs sieve script that does SMTP rejects and hence saves one bounce at later time).

Moreover, if a domain has several MX DNS records, all scripts among the mail servers shall be consistent to some extend. It would be useful if the managesieve servers can use managesieve as protocol for replication among each other. This could be achieved if the LISTSCRIPT command (or a new command) can provide a timestamp when the script was uploaded. And one more command shall allow the master user (the one that can authenticate with different usernames) to list all users who have uploaded scripts and the timestamp when the user last changed his script. Going a step furhter, during the replication one server shall be able to request the list of the users who changed their scripts only after a given timestamp.

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