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Re: Managesieve Reauthentification. Replication

2008-07-28 02:34:46

Another response, independent.

Дилян Палаузов writes:
If for some reason a lot of sieve scripts are generated and need to be uploaded, then the uploading application has to make several connections to the managesieve server (using the same master authname that can edit all scripts and different usernames). E.g. when the scripts for a mailing list N2 are generated, the users owner-N2@, N2@, N2-unsubscribe-request@, N2-subscribe-request@, N2-request@ need to be uploaded in different connections to the managesieve server.

Why are these independent? Why would you wat to have lots of different user names and passwords for owner-N2, N2, N2-unsub... etc?

It seems to me that what you really want is an extended setactive command or cross-user includes.


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