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Proposal to change sieve: URL syntax used by the ManageSieve protocol

2008-09-22 08:12:13

Chris Newman has reviewed the ManageSieve document and sent me the following comment on Sieve URLs that point to scripts:

Section 3:

        sieveurl-script = "sieve://" [ authority ] "/" scriptname

* IMAP URLs made the mistake of confusing the identity used to authenticate with the identity that owns the script. This makes IMAP URLs cumbersome. I would strongly encourage a naming model that separates the two and keeps the script owner explicit. For example:

  sieveurl-script = "sieve://" [ authority ] "/" owner "/" scriptname

I agree with Chris, however I am concerned that there are existing applications using <sieveurl-script> form of Sieve URLs.
So I would like to hear from people:
1). opinions on whether you think this change is a good or a bad idea
2). if you know of any application using existing <sieveurl-script> form (with no "owner").

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