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Re: Proposal to change sieve: URL syntax used by the ManageSieve protocol

2008-09-22 10:47:01

Alexey Melnikov writes:
1). opinions on whether you think this change is a good or a bad idea

Not sure. I lean towards bad.

2). if you know of any application using existing <sieveurl-script> form (with no "owner").

KDE, at least Kontact and kio_sieve.

I have tried to edit my own sieve script using the web browser Konqueror. It worked, but I don't think more than a few dozen people do such things.

Kontact, on the other hand, might just be deployed and used by a hundred thousand people. It forms a sieve://... URL when you ask it to frob your sieve script, passes that URL to the KIO subsystem, which in turn passes it on to kio_sieve. kio_sieve goes and retrieves the script, or issues LISTSCRIPTS, or something, and may pass other URLs back.