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Re: draft-ietf-sieve-refuse-reject approved by IESG

2008-11-21 19:21:03

Matthew Elvey writes:
I'm sorry if I didn't make clear the main change I wanted made (undone).

And since someone needs to say why this didn't sway the WG rough consensus, I'll say why I'm not persuaded.

My code is able, or not, to carry out an ereject in a manner different from reject. It depends on this and that, including factors beyond control of my code. The code may even be able to do it when the sieve script is uploaded, but unable to when it's executed.

Making a script invalid between upload and execution is not at all desirable. Not having ereject at all is not desirable either. And so on. Aaron's solution is the best compromise I can think of, in the sense that it minimises the sum of undesirable aspects.


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