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ABNF or example error in RFC 5228

2008-12-17 05:45:43


When reviewing the ihave document I stumbled on what I believe to be a
bug in RFC 5228 regarding string list:  String Lists

   When matching patterns, it is frequently convenient to match against
   groups of strings instead of single strings.  For this reason, a list
   of strings is allowed in many tests, implying that if the test is
   true using any one of the strings, then the test is true.

   For instance, the test 'header :contains ["To", "Cc"]
   ["me(_at_)example(_dot_)com", "me00(_at_)landru(_dot_)example(_dot_)com"]' 
is true if either a To
   header or Cc header of the input message contains either of the email
   addresses "me(_at_)example(_dot_)com" or 

   Conversely, in any case where a list of strings is appropriate, a
   single string is allowed without being a member of a list: it is
   equivalent to a list with a single member.  This means that the test
   'exists "To"' is equivalent to the test 'exists ["To"]'.

Section 3.2 for example contains the following example:

   Example:  require ["fileinto", "reject"];

However if one looks at the ABNF for string-list it says:

   string-list  = "[" string *("," string) "]" / string
                    ; if there is only a single string, the brackets
                    ; are optional

   string       = quoted-string / multi-line
   quoted-string      = DQUOTE quoted-text DQUOTE
   multi-line         = "text:" *(SP / HTAB) (hash-comment / CRLF)
                        *(multiline-literal / multiline-dotstart)
                        "." CRLF

So it seems that the description, the examples of string lists doesn't
match the ABNF syntax for string lists. If I am correct, I think the WG
needs to address this somehow.


Magnus Westerlund

IETF Transport Area Director & TSVWG Chair
Multimedia Technologies, Ericsson Research EAB/TVM
Ericsson AB                | Phone  +46 10 7148287
Färögatan 6                | Mobile +46 73 0949079
SE-164 80 Stockholm, Sweden| mailto: 

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