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Re: [draft-freed-sieve-in-xml-02] Unknown Markup

2009-03-09 11:24:33

The expected behaviour when a processor encounters a document
containing markup which it does not understand is not clear.

A processor MAY validate documents against the standard schema and MAY
reject any which do not conform. For any document that a processor does
not reject as invalid, any markup that the processor cannot understand
by reference to this specification MAY be discarded.

I think  this is a reasonable statement to add, however, one tweak is needed -
the example schema are informative, not "standard".

The real question is where to put this text. There doesn't seem to be
an existing section where it fits so I added a 4.3 "Validaion" section
to the document.

I think it is better to say something explicit about this issue. This
proposal is not one that I particularly favour but is the de facto status
quo as I see it. It is not unreasonable.

I agree with all of this.


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