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Re: [draft-freed-sieve-in-xml-02] Preservation Of Meta-Data During An Editing Session

2009-03-09 11:39:46

Clarify expectations of meta-data preservation during editing.


To "4.1. XML Display Directives" add:

  Editors MAY use displayblock, displaydata and foreign namespaces to 
  meta-data which SHOULD be preserved by the processor during Sieve script
  translation. Some editors find it inconvenient to preserve this
additional data
  during an editing session. Editors MAY preserve this data during an editing
  session for compatibility with other editors.

First, there is already a requirement that such meta-data MUST be preserved by 
translation process. So I don' think that part is necessary. That said,
I think an explicit statement of what editors are supposed to do is a good
idea and I've addedd that part of the above text to the document.


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