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Re: Questions and remarks on draft-ietf-sieve-include-01.txt

2009-05-05 05:25:18

Hi Aaron,

Aaron Stone wrote:
I'm posting draft-ietf-managesieve-02 that addresses these comments. Thank

Ok, looks nice. I'll adjust my implementation as soon as I have some time.

However, as far as I can see, you did not address every issue yet:

- For the global command I would expect text stating that the variables extension is required when it is used.

- The scope of the :once modifier could be a bit confusing. I am assuming it holds for the whole Sieve execution and not only for the identical include commands within the current script. What is the interaction with multiscript in this case? I am still not sure what to do with this.

- The script examples have various small typos, syntax problems and missing require items.

Also, you completely lifted the global command's placement requirements. I am not fundamentally opposed to this, but this can make the inclusion of a global variable conditional, i.e. inside an if statement. Until I actually implement this I won't really know for sure whether there will be implementation issues.

And if the possibility for a conditional global command is desired, I would expect an explicit mention of this possibility somewhere in the command explanation. Now it could come to a surprise to the more naive implementer. This also implies that a global variable is not included into the local scope until after the first global command that specifies it.

Finally, I saw one new typo: Section 4, second paragraph, 'acess'.


Stephan Bosch