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Re: [draft-melnikov-sieve-external-lists] Proposed Addition To Section 2.4

2009-07-28 03:51:57

[As IC:]


Personally, I'm concerned about potential ugliness of the identifiers if a
UI thinks it's hidden, but that's kind of an omnipresent issue around here.

Sorry; I can't make sense of that.  Try rephrasing?

I do like the idea of just writing ':list "MyList"' and not needed much
else. It does seem a bit overkill to be typing my own email address into
the Sieve script for the very same account.

I like the idea also, but I see the problems in interpreting it,
especially as one tries to move scripts form one implementation to
another.  I'll also point out that in most cases (us geeks
notwithstanding), the script will be generated under the covers.  So
the user might, indeed, just type "MyList", and the icky-looking URI
would be filled in for her.