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Re: [sieve] New Version Notification for draft-george-sieve-vacation-time-00

2010-02-06 11:39:49
Hello Barry,

The proposed text is fine for me. I just couldn't get the (intermediate) argument of Ned from 04. February.

Със здраве,

On 2/6/2010 5:52 PM, Barry Leiba wrote:
Considering the above way of determining the From address, why cannot the

   Unless explicitly overridden with a :from parameter, the From field
   SHOULD be set to the address of the owner of the Sieve script.

be met?

A few of us have already expressed preference for Arnt's text:
"If the sieve processor recognises an address belonging to the sieve
script's owner in the To or Cc fields, then it's better to use that
address for the vacation reply than any other addresses the script
owner may also have."

Dilyan, would you not like that text, or something similar to it?  I
think it's basically what you're asking for also, yes?

I think we can submit that text as a clarification to the existing
Vacation RFC, through the errata process.

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