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2010-06-25 09:37:22
Hi folks,
The draft agenda for the Maastrict meeting has us currently scheduled for Thursday afternoon at 1 pm (local time). There are some scheduling conflicts that ADs etc are trying to resolve and there is the possibility we might get moved to the Friday 1 pm slot. I would like to hear from all those planning to be present at the meeting (or remote) to see whether Friday at 1 pm would work as well as Thursday at 1 pm.

I do believe we have a fair amount of work to do (unfortunately we have not actively pursues that on the list of the last several months). There are a bunch of new drafts submissted by Barry we need review and discussions. We need to have a full review and discussion of the RegEx draft. I will put together and agenda shortly and also start pushing on authors to get new revisions of pending drafts out.

Cyrus Daboo

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