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Re: [sieve] Implementations of sieve-include

2010-07-09 19:56:00
We may consider adding support at some point in the longer term, but there 
a LOT of issues that would have to be worked out first.

Issues with your server (etc), or issues with the sieve-include draft ?

Both. The draft is essentialy silent on the issue of how conflicting actions
performed by different included scripts are handled, and I don't think that's a
viable approach. But without implementation experience I cannot say what the
best approach to fixing it would be. I am, however, pretty confident that a
straight implementation of the semantics the draft calls for is a complete
nonstarter for us.

The main implementation-specific problem is that we make a distinction between
system-level and user-level scripts. THis is an absolutely essential
distinction for us, but fitting it into the include model is very nontrivial
because it gets down to the basic semantic issue of whether include is
essentially syntactic or semantic in nature. THe draft tries to allow both, but 
that's not viable for us either.

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