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Re: [sieve] WG status

2010-09-27 11:18:16
draft-ietf-sieve-include-06 - authors to do update based on comments from
last meeting and reviews. Once done, and the shepherd (Barry) is happy, it
can probably go to the IESG or Barry may decide another WG last call is

There's an open question of what, if anything, needs to be said about
the interaction between -include and managesieve.

draft-ietf-sieve-imap-sieve-00 - expired. Authors please report. My intent
is to issue a last call on this once we have completed the other last calls
mentioned above.

From my IETF 78 notes:
    * Needs reviews, especially from Ned, also from others.
    * I will revise the draft to keep it from expiring, chairs will
ask Ned again for review.

I thought I had already posted a rev of it for that purpose, but I see
that I didn't.  I will now.  I'd rather have Ned's review before WGLC,
but during is fine as well.  I'm very reluctant to send this to the
IESG without reviews from Ned and at least two or three others who
have given it thorough thought.

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