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Re: [sieve] Working Group Last Call: draft-ietf-sieve-autoreply-00

2010-09-29 01:19:38
Section 1: "Barry's question" - whilst it would be nice to be able to
extract information from an external list contact, I think in all
likelihood that will be hard to do. So I would suggest we drop this from
consideration. It can always be considered as an extension later.
In any case, I agree that this should be dropped for now.

Dropped; thanks.

On all the comments about more examples:
I agree that more examples would be great.  As Ned says, this is a
document explaining how to do things, so more examples with more
combinations of features will make it a better document.

Folks who have suggestions for specific examples to include should
please send me the specific examples.  Not descriptions, but the
examples, in Sieve code.  Thanks.  (I'd especially like one for
sending a notification to a pager, so I can see which Sieve extension
does that.)

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