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Re: [sieve] Working Group Last Call: draft-ietf-sieve... autoreply, notify-presence, vacation-seconds

2010-10-12 20:34:39
A few comments on
IMO none of this needs to be addressed immediately.

Easy enough to do, though; revs are cheap.

First, there's a note at the end of the introduction that probably
should be removed at this point.

Already removed in the -01 version, after the question was resolved earlier.

All the examples make use of the envelope extension, but none of the require
clauses list it.

Thanks for catching that.  Because envelope isn't an extension, but an
optional feature of the base spec, I forgot that it needed a
"require".  Added.

The description of the first example says: "which will be used in the
to the sender" That's not quite right - the status is the entire response. I
suggest changing this to "which will be used as the response to the sender".

I think "in" is as good as "as", here.  But "as" works too, so I've changed 

Finally, the security considerations section says:

 See the referenced specifications, below for discussion of security
 considerations for Sieve scripts in general, and for each of the
 extensions in particular.

I think the intent is to say the specifications listed in the references
section talk about more general Sieve security issues, but the way it reads,
it sounds like there are references to documents in the security
section, which in fact there are not. Additionally, some of the security
considerations for vacation in particular only appear in the base
specification, RFC 5230.

I've changed the text to this; let me know if you think it works:

   See the Security Considerations sections of the following
   specifications for discussion of security considerations not covered
   Sieve base specification [RFC5228]
   Sieve Vacation extension [RFC5230]
   Vacation "Seconds" parameter [I-D.ietf-sieve-vacation-seconds]
   Sieve Externally Stored Lists extension
   Sieve Notify extension [RFC5435] (and any applicable notification

If you like that text, I'll post an -02 version.

Yes, that looks good - it's enough to warrant that sort of list.

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