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Re: [sieve] Sieve-in-XML MIME type and file extension

2010-11-01 00:14:52

I was just reading through the Sieve in XML spec in RFC 5784. I noticed
that something seems to be omitted: a mime type for this essentially new
content type.

Yeah, I realized we messed up on that a while ago when I noticed that the
ical-in-xml draft includes such a registration. I'm kind of at a loss as to how
to fix it at this point - I don't think we can add a registration as an errata.
I suppose we could simply write up a registration as a separate document and
ask the IESG to approve it.

Would it be useful to define a mime type for sieve-in-xml
content and an associated file extension?

I hadn't thought about the file extension part, but yes, I believe it makes
sense to do this.

For example, analogous to
application/sieve and the .siv/.sieve extension, the XML variant could
be specified as application/sieve+xml and with a .xsieve or perhaps a
.sieve.xml file extension. I haven't seen any discussions about this on
the mailing list.

But maybe I am just nitpicking, since I don't have a direct
application/need for this myself. :)

No, I think it's a good idea. I just don't quite know what process to use.
Alexey, do you have any thoughts on this?

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