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[sieve] Proposed "pab" URI scheme registration for Sieve External Lists

2010-11-30 13:40:46
How does this look to people:

  This specification requests the IANA to register the
  "pab" URI scheme as specified in this document and summarized in
  the following template, per [RFC4395]:

  URI scheme name:  pab

  Status:  Permanent

  URI scheme syntax:

    paburi = "pab:" addrbook [ "?" extensions ]

    addrbook = segment
               ; <segment> defined in [RFC3986]

    extensions = query
               ; <query> defined in [RFC3986]

  URI scheme semantics: "pab" URIs are used for designating references
     to personal address books. A personal address book is an internal
     concept used by different applications (such as Sieve interpreters)
     for describing a list of named entries, and maybe translated into
     other types of address books, such as LDAP Groups.

  Encoding considerations:  Percent-encoding is allowed in "segment"
     and "query" components.  Internationalization is handled by IRI

  Intended usage:  An "pab" URI is designed to be used internally by
     applications for referencing address books.

  Applications and/or protocols that use this URI scheme name:
     Currently only Sieve External List extension is using this URI scheme.
     Email clients that use URIs internally might find this URI scheme
     to be useful as well.

  Interoperability considerations:  Applications are only REQUIRED to
     support "pab:default".

  Security considerations:  Applications SHOULD ensure appropriate
     restrictions are in place to protect sensitive information that
     might be revealed by "pab" URIs from access or modification by
     untrusted sources.

  Relevant publications:  RFCXXXX

  Contact:  Sieve IETF WG

  Author/Change controller:  IETF


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