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Re: [sieve] About editheader

2011-10-27 12:04:30
On 10/27/2011 5:18 AM, Ned Freed wrote:
Also, it is not really
possible to short-circuit the 'test' as required in RFC 5229 Section
3.2, because all matching headers must be deleted and thus matching

Short-circuiting simply means you're supposed to stop as soon as possible and
retain the last match. It's a moot statement when there's no stopping
condition as with deleteheader, so I see no real conflict.

Yeah, now that you explain it like that, I agree. My main concern is consensus anyway.


Or am I just exaggerating this problem?

Yes, I'd have to say that you are.

And, apparently you're not the only one. Well, it's a good thing anyway; saves me quite a bit of work. ;)



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