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Re: [sieve] speaking as user: automatically printing incoming mail?

2011-10-27 10:57:09
I could also imagine defining a notification mechanism
that makes use of the ipp: URI scheme
(<>). This is the first time I have
heard someone request such a feature though.

I like that ideal.  Arnt, I'll work on a Notify extension for that
with you, if you like.  Let me know.

For the more general question, Wolfgang and I had once started to
write up a "call out to an external process" extension, which would
basically allow a script to run any (approved) program on the message,
which could include an abuse scanner, an attachment filer, a printing
or faxing program, or anything else.  Our idea was that allowed
programs would have to be flagged, such as by storing them in a
particular place or putting their pathnames in certain metadata, to
prevent chaos.

But we never went anywhere with that, after the initial knocking about.

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