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Re: [sieve] WGLC: draft-ietf-sieve-imap-sieve-04.txt

2012-07-09 03:35:26
On 5/30/2012 10:30 PM, Cyrus Daboo wrote:
Hi folks,
I am starting a working group last call on draft-ietf-sieve-imap-sieve-04.txt. This is the last document this working group has on its plate and once finished, we intend to shut down the working group.

The last call on draft-ietf-sieve-imap-sieve-04.txt will run for two weeks. Please review this draft and send comments to the list. This document has been around for a while, so if you have done a detailed review before, just checking the changes now should be sufficient. In any case, the chairs want to heard from everyone who has done a review and those who have decided for or against doing an implementation of this in the near future.

I hope I'm still somewhat on time with the following small comments:

*) In Section 2.1, the syntax of the new IMAP capability is described. It includes a sieveurl-server syntax item. Although I expect anyone on this list to know what it is for, I think it would be good to mention explicitly that it points to the ManageSieve server the client needs to contact for managing Sieve scripts.

*) I wonder what happens if the fileinto action points to the mailbox the message currently resides in (call it the 'source mailbox'). Does it match 'keep' behavior in that special case, or will it just create a copy of the message in the source mailbox (potentially dropping the original)? Current text suggests the latter and that is also what I prefer: I'd like to be able to create a new version of the message in the same mailbox. I think it would be good to mention this special situation explicitly either way.

Overall, I really like the quality of this specification. Once our IMAP server gains the required METADATA support I intend to implement this extension.



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