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Re: [sieve] Sieve :regex

2017-04-11 19:00:58
Op 4/11/2017 om 10:57 PM schreef Ken Murchison:


I've been spending a bit of time back in the Cyrus IMAP Sieve code and
I'm thinking about resurrecting the Sieve :regex draft (just in time
for Easter ;)  in an effort to get it standardized.  I actually don't
recall why this draft died in the Sieve WG -- it may be that Ned and I
just didn't have the time to work on it, or there may have been issues
that we didn't want to deal with and/or for which the WG didn't have

Does anyone have any (new) outstanding issues or answers to those
already listed in draft-ietf-sieve-regex-01
<> ?

Much like the draft indicates, the use of EREs in the context of Unicode
strings is quite problematic. Is there any backwards-compatible regex
flavor that properly deals with UTF-8 that we could adopt? Do we need to
define our own IETF regex flavor?

Another thing I thought of: a thing that is severely lacking in the
Sieve ecosystem is string manipulation. Having some form of regex-based
string substitution/replacement capability would be very useful I think.
Does this violate the Sieve philosophy? It shouldn't if we're careful.

Who has implemented some form of :regex (with or without variables

We have. Dovecot Pigeonhole currently implements
draft-murchison-sieve-regex-08. I haven't gotten around to updating it
to the latest revision (the set modifier particularly). It supports
match variables.



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