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published Internet Drafts (was Re: Ballot result: Element vs Packet)

1997-11-05 12:22:11
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<9711051534(_dot_)AA42860(_at_)watpub1(_dot_)watson(_dot_)ibm(_dot_)com>, Uri 
Blumenthal writes:

Ned, I take exception to this. In my NSH opinion, it is poerfectly OK to
circulate the drafts on the list until they're ready to be submitted to
the RFC editor (and that indeed is how several WGs do their job).

The point of Internet Drafts is to get review of a document *before* it
becomes an RFC. IDs usually go through several iterations before being
submitted to the RFC Editor. 

This *includes* review by people who are interested in a particular area,
but don't necessarily have time to wade through the WG mailing list (which
is particularly verbose and off-topic in the PGP WG).

Then there's the issue that E-Mail is not a good tool for distributing large
documents. Some people still run e-mail clients on small machines, like
palmtop computers, and don't like receiving internet-draft size messages.

Get the drafts *published* and into the I-D FTP sites, so that we have a
target to discuss, and we can get some rational discourse going.


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