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Re: Conflicts and Options...

1997-11-06 01:33:36
* Tom Phinney wrote:
If I were going to do create this 2.6.5 version, I would start with 
Lutz' 2.6.3in as the base, and add the necessary algorithms and key 
flags and pgp.ini parameters.  In addition to the source, I would 

Don't do that. I tried and failed. PGP 2.6.x code is not free for
development (exept 2.6.3ui). The major problem is, that PGP 2.6.x is a bunch
of patches you can't work with. So I restarted from stratch. Hope to finish
this year.

We ( have to get a licence for your
software from the BSI (German NSA, but much smaller and inco.*oops*). The
licence we need is called E4 (== B2 orange book) / high (strongest
algorithms known) for the whole system incl. software.

PGP 2.6.x will not get the licence, because E3 and higher requires a source
code check these patches will not survive.

The new development combined with a new enhanched(!) OpenPGP specification
may allow even a E6 (== A1) classification. <eg>

The sources for this PGPin will be published (as work progess snapshots)
under GPL and LGPL (especially allow to link the lib statically into
proprietary programms w/o source). Import into USA is not limited.

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