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RE: Conflicts and Options...

1997-11-05 16:06:52

On Wed, Nov 05, 1997 2:12 PM, "Ian Grigg" <iang(_at_)systemics(_dot_)com> wrote:

Whether you believe that PGP Inc would do such a thing or not, I doubt
if you would disagree that there is a clear conflict in interest in PGP
Inc writing the draft around PGP Inc product.  The same conflict of
interest exists around RSADSI, for example.

Point of accuracy -- the current S/MIME spec is being written by:

Section 1: Cryptographic Message Syntax
Russ Housley

Section 2: Enhanced Security Services for S/MIME
Paul Hoffman
Internet Mail Consortium

Section 3: S/MIME Version 3 Message Specification
Blake Ramsdell

Please note that none of the authors are RSADSI employees.  You may also
note that this new spec has no MUST requirement for any RSADSI

Ron Craswell
Worldtalk Corp.

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