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Re: extension mechanism needed

1997-11-14 11:24:57
At 02:55 PM 11/14/1997 +0000, Ian Brown wrote:
Adam Back wrote:
"Implementations MAY understand Armour (see RFC 1991/corrected) for
backward compatibility. They SHOULD use PGP/MIME2 for transport of
OpenPGP messages using mail."

This allows all other mention of armour to be excised.

Understanding armour _isn't_ very hard; I'd prefer MUST,
especially since it's needed for backward compatibility with PGP 5.0
(in particular, the Encrypt Clipboard doesn't do MIME.)
Generating it is a matter of taste - will PGP 5.0 always accept MIME?
Even in applications like Decrypt/Verify Clipboard?
Bill Stewart, stewarts(_at_)ix(_dot_)netcom(_dot_)com
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